ACE Trainer - Best Practices for Training of Senior Service Workers

ACE Trainer - Best Practices for Training of Senior Service Workers

The society demand across EU for high quality training of social care staff in the senior care service sector has been steadily growing. This need was addressed by the ACE project
(2014-1-CZ01-KA202-002058), which was completed in 2017. The principal output of the ACE project is an innovative senior service worker training system (SSW Course). The Course learning materials were developed in the work language of the partnership (EN) and in five languages of the ACE consortium members (CZ, DE, HU, IT, LT).


The intensive exploitation of the SSW Course and the potential of related ACE products led to resume the cooperation with the goal of:
1. Secure top-grade professional development for the SSW Course CVET/VET trainers in response to expected high demand for training;
2. Extend the level of usage experienced in the Czech Republic and Italy to the other ACE partnership countries (Germany, Hungary, Lithuania);
3. Support usage of the SSW Course by elaborating its training methodology into even greater level of detail.


With these goals in mind a new partnership has been formed: original members of the ACE partnership remained (ACZ from the Czech Republic and PLIS from Italy) and three new members joined (ITINKLAS from Lithuania, NHE from Hungary and NBH from Germany). All new members have an excellent potential for accomplishing the goals that were set out.


VET/CVET teachers/trainers of social care workers are the primary beneficiaries and the focus of the proposed project. The project will be for the most part accomplished in a series of joint trainer staff workshops focused on exchange of know-how and best practices of all participants. In structured workshop sessions participating trainers will enhance considerably their professional competences and the workshops will also generate a set of outputs consisting of detailed lesson plans, worksheets and comprehensive methodology recommendations for training of social care workers in the ACE SSW courses.


Results of the project will be freely available on the dedicated project website and on all partners’ websites as well, along with learning materials of the ACE SSW Course. Enhancing and detailing the training methodology of the SSW Course will support wider adoption of the ACE training system by peer training organizations on the regional and national levels.  Finding new ways by the partnership of engaging the ECVET system for assessment and validation of professional competencies, which was developed in the ACE project, will have a positive impact in improved care staff mobility and transferability of competences, initially within the boundaries of our partnership and later among other EU member states.

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